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Kelvin Chua


In Remembrance of Kelvin Wee-Kian Chua

November 15, 1973 - August 23, 2015


Kelvin Chua, 41 year old loving husband of Daphne, and caring father of four beautiful children, Nasya, Kayla, Ethan, and Elissa, passed away suddenly at his home on August 23, 2015. A humble man of faith, Kelvin served as a teacher in the Shabbat School (4th-6th grades) and on an Oneg team for two years at Ben David MJC.

He was born and raised in Singapore where he received an engineering degree, was employed by Panasonic Avionics, and moved his family to the United States in 2011 when he joined our congregation. He lived his life quietly serving others. We will all miss his friendly smile and gentle spirit.



Dear Papa

By Nasya Chua


Dear Papa
With his eyes so twinkly
His heart so kind
His unselfish nature

Dear Papa
With his handsome frame
His jolly laugh
His temper tame

Dear Papa
With his teasing jokes
His laughs, his chuckles
His friendly smiles

Dear Papa
How we treasure you
Our wonderful father
My loving Papa.


Memorial Service, Mt. Olive Memorial Park, August 30 Memorial Service, Ben David Congregation, September 12


Weekly Scripture Reading



May 27 / Sivan 2, 5777

Parashah: Bamidbar ("In the Wilderness")

— Torah:
(Bamidbar) Numbers 1:1 – 4:20

— Haftarah:
Hosea 2:1-22

In the evening count Omer 47

This week's Parashah begins the fourth book of Moshe and has the same title as the book itself. The title of the book, in Hebrew, comes from the fourth word from its opening phrase, "Vaidaber YHVH el-Moshe bamidbar" (And Yehovah spoke to Moshe in the wilderness). Bamidbar, the wilderness, designates the place of the varied happenings in the book. The current English title, “Numbers,” is derived from the Septuagint - the Greek translation done before the Common Era - and was named as such based on the numerous censuses of the Israelites...

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