Monday, April 24, 2017

Speakers' LIst

Akiva ben Enoch
Guest Speaker
David Faber
Holocaust Survivor
Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Guest Speaker
Duane Gish
Guest Speaker
Regina Hirsch
Holocaust Survivor
Magda Hezberger
Holocaust Survivor
David Hocking
Guest Speaker
Clay Jones
Guest Speaker
Ryan Jones
Guest Speaker
Webmaster, writer, and editor for Israel Today Magazine, a Messianic-run Israeli news agency.
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Weekly Scripture Reading



April 22 / Aviv 26, 5777

Parashah: Shemini - "Eighth Day"

— Torah:
(Vayikra) Leviticus 9:1 — 11:47

— Haftarah:
II Samuel 6:1 — 7:17

In the evening count Omer 12

This week's Parashah speaks about obedience to God. Regardless how well intentioned are our actions, or our deeds, in serving God, they pale in comparison with obedience to Him. God, first and foremost, wants us to listen to Him and to do what He asks us to do. All our good intentions are just dirty rags – “all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment” says the prophet Yeshayahu 64:6. “The road to perdition is paved with good intentions,” goes the saying...

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