Sunday, May 28, 2017

Coherence - Week 1 Summary


Coherence is the name of our new effort to train and equip the people of God. Ephesians 4:12 informs us the that those who labor in establishing, growing and nurturing the local congregation are to "equip the saints for the work of ministry (service)." it is our goal at Ben David Messianic Jewish Congregation to help you grow as a Disciple (i.e., a learner of Yeshua - Matthew 28:18-20) by helping you understand how to serve God within the proper Biblical framework.

Why coherence? In the vernacular, coherence means "a systematic or logical consistency" (i.e., his lecture was coherent so I could understand it). While I certainly hoe this is the case here, we are also referring to the optics definition of coherence which is a "fixed phase relationship between electric fields in space and/or time."

Why coherence? Take the example of a Laser beam. In a typical light bulb, light is emitted because the filament is heated by a current - adding energy - and the filament releases that energy in the form of light. While this is useful, the photons (i.e., the particles of light) are emitted randomly. In other words the photons are not coherent, and do their own thing (as when people in Israel did "what was right in their own eyes" - Judges 17:6).

But a laser is different than a light bulb - and the Body of Messiah is to be of like mindedness (1 Corinthians 1:10) not of random minds. In a laser, the light is emitted in such a way as the photons are all on the same page - the molecules emit their light together. For this reason, laser beams can achieve enormous optical power and posses very special properties that light bulbs cannot replicate. Consider this the work of the Spirit of G-d!

In the first week of the class, we outlined several key items that we feel are important if you are going to covenant with us for the work of living and propagating the Gospel. The main theme was "Coherence with the Congregation," where we discussed our Congregational vision, mission , history, organization and culture. We also discussed how we view the Scriptures and how this influences our views. If you have a distorted view of the Scriptures, you will necessarily have a distorted view of God, yourself, and of ministry. These distortions make it hard to be coherent with a congregation, or with God and will impede your development as a minister of the Gospel.

You can get a copy of the notes from the class here: Download Coherence Set 1. Our encouragement for you is to read these notes and study the Scriptures on these topics. As yourself questions like "why should I want to grow?," and "why do I attend a Messianic Jewish Congregation?"

Check back for week #2 where we will explain our Scriptural view of God - His attributes/character as well as how G-d exists as a trinity of Father, Son and Spirit. And also - if you cannot make these classes (4 total) not to worry - we will offer them a few times per year, hopefully getting better each time we offer them.

For the glory of God - In Our beloved Messiah.


Weekly Scripture Reading



May 27 / Sivan 2, 5777

Parashah: Bamidbar ("In the Wilderness")

— Torah:
(Bamidbar) Numbers 1:1 – 4:20

— Haftarah:
Hosea 2:1-22

In the evening count Omer 47

This week's Parashah begins the fourth book of Moshe and has the same title as the book itself. The title of the book, in Hebrew, comes from the fourth word from its opening phrase, "Vaidaber YHVH el-Moshe bamidbar" (And Yehovah spoke to Moshe in the wilderness). Bamidbar, the wilderness, designates the place of the varied happenings in the book. The current English title, “Numbers,” is derived from the Septuagint - the Greek translation done before the Common Era - and was named as such based on the numerous censuses of the Israelites...

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