Sunday, May 28, 2017

Coherence - Week 4 Summary


In our final week of our Coherence Ministry Training Course we covered three main topics: discipleship, spiritual gifts, and how to find your ministry role. In some ways, this topic was the crescendo of all the classes – how to plug you in and get you to fulfill your ministry calling (2 Timothy 4:5).

We discussed discipleship (i.e., follower, learner) because the entire point of the so-called great commission is to make disciples of Yeshua (Matthew 28:19-20). You cannot help someone be more like Yeshua if you are not. We discussed spiritual gifts because G-d has given us gifts (which are really ministries – see Kenneth Berding’s excellent work) to strengthen the Body of Messiah (Ephesians 4:12). We discussed the ministry landscape at Ben David to help you see what is the scope of our activity and give you a guide as to where G-d wants you to serve. May this be an encouragement for you to partner, to covenant with us so that the Gospel of Yeshua will go forth!

The topic of spiritual gifts causes apprehension for many, and I am not talking about Charismatic issues – I mean the apprehension that comes from “finding” your gift. I remember years ago being encouraged to take Spiritual Gift tests (paper back then ... online now) to help us find our gifts. I never did, for some unknown reason.

However, it is our belief that within the context of Scripture, gifts are really ministries (services) and not only “special abilities” to be detected and analyzed by neural net algorithms. To be sure, G-d gives people abilities/talents – some are talented at art, math, speaking and so on. You likely already know what you are talented at doing – though you may develop more talents as you grow. But these talents are not necessarily ministries – rather different ministries in the body may use several different talents. People typically look for ministry in what they are good at doing. While this is entirely understandable (after all, you don’t want me leading a Worship team) it is not always the best thing for you or for the body to only focus on one thing you are good at doing. You need to grow and so does the Body of Messiah.

I’ll give you some classic examples. One of our Shammashim cleans the toilets in the building early on Shabbat mornings because often when she comes in they are messy (we rent a space in a building that is under constant use). This young lady doesn’t have a “gift” for this. She has no special ability or talent to clean. Rather, she does have a calling – a calling to serve to get something done for the sake of the Gospel. Another Shammash is faithful each week to lug and set up tables and chairs. Again, no special ability for this task - but rather a sincere desire to serve and bless his brothers and sisters. Ill partner in ministry with people like that any day - and I learn from their selfless acts of service. These are but a few examples of people forsaking their comfort for the sake of the Gospel - and that is a mark of a Disciple.

That all of us would be so committed to the Gospel ... and this is why, in a nutshell, we are looking for Ministry Servants.

You can download the final set of notes from week 4 here. If you are interested in becoming a Ministry Servant, check out this page and check in with one of the Elders. More information is coming and we look forward to partnering with you in service to Yeshua for spread the Gospel.


Weekly Scripture Reading



May 27 / Sivan 2, 5777

Parashah: Bamidbar ("In the Wilderness")

— Torah:
(Bamidbar) Numbers 1:1 – 4:20

— Haftarah:
Hosea 2:1-22

In the evening count Omer 47

This week's Parashah begins the fourth book of Moshe and has the same title as the book itself. The title of the book, in Hebrew, comes from the fourth word from its opening phrase, "Vaidaber YHVH el-Moshe bamidbar" (And Yehovah spoke to Moshe in the wilderness). Bamidbar, the wilderness, designates the place of the varied happenings in the book. The current English title, “Numbers,” is derived from the Septuagint - the Greek translation done before the Common Era - and was named as such based on the numerous censuses of the Israelites...

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