Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Resurrection Reality

If you had known that the housing and stock markets were about to go south a few months back, what would you have done? Many suspected things might go bad, but were unwilling (or unable) to take an investment risk. Did you have any idea that the Tampa Bay Rays were going to the World Series last year? But if you could have looked into the future and saw these things coming with certainty and specificity, you would have acted differently.

The same idea should be true about our view of the Resurrection of Yeshua. If we only “suspect” that Yeshua was really God and think it was “possible” that He was raised from the dead, then it is easy to have a faith that is devoid of true life. It is easy to “follow Him” when things are going well but not when times are hard. But if you knew with complete certainty that He was God, and had unwavering confidence that He was raised from the dead, you could follow Him through thick and thin. Why is this? If His resurrection, and therefore our redemption, is real to you then the cares of the world would seem pretty insignificant.

Many times in our walk of faith we “suspect” that Yeshua’s claims are true. How so? Because we all act in ways inconsistent with what He taught and died to accomplish. We seek God when it is convenient. We pray when we are in the mood. We share our faith when there are no risks attached. We attend congregation because we have fun. With our words we speak certainty, but our actions (especially when no one is looking) reveal something far less than confidence in the resurrection of Yeshua.

Yeshua Himself reminded us what our response to the Kingdom should be with the parable of the “Pearl of Great Price” (Matthew 13:45-6). Upon finding this pearl the man sells everything he has to obtain it. Why? It is because the value of the pearl is far greater than the value of his possessions. It is the same with Messiah’s resurrection; the value of His atonement for us is far greater than anything else we could ever possess. If we, like the man in the parable, know for certain that He was raised, we should act like a people convinced and sold out of truth instead of lukewarm people acting on a hunch.

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