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Ministry Servants


Ministry Servants are those individuals who are actively doing the work of the ministry inside and/or outside of the congregation. We deliberately chose this term, rather than "membership," because membership often connotes a passive role. While many congregations have employed membership programs effectively, we felt it was important to use the title Ministry Servant to remind people that they themselves are to be ministers of the good news about Yeshua, i.e. the Gospel.

For this reason, we have sought to engage many people into a variety of areas of ministry at the congregation. Ministry responsibility is not confined to within the door of the building where we meet, but rather it is a lifestyle for those who want to carry on the mission of Yeshua. We have received a gift from the Lord and we must be good stewards of the grace given to us (1 Peter 4:10).

Ministry is not done only by the leaders of the Congregation. Rather, it is the job of the Elders to train up others for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12-3). The body of Messiah is built up well only if the members of that body are actively serving the Lord by ministering to one another and to the community at large.

Who is responsible for spreading the good news about the completed work of Messiah Yeshua, i.e. the gospel? Is this the role of a select few? Perhaps it is the job of the spiritual leaders of the congregation (the Elders) or the Shammashim (the Deacons). Or maybe this is a job for the "extrovert" or "outgoing" people in the congregation. Furthermore, what is that ministry? The ministry mission that the Lord gave us was not to "add members" or "increase the congregation's size," but rather to make disciples (i.e. learners, followers) of Yeshua from all the "ethnos" (Greek for races, or nations) (Matthew 28:19-20). It was a call to each and every one of us who trust in the Lord, not only to a select few!

God is looking for people to send out into our communities to make disciples. So, be like Isaiah and say, "Adonai, hin'eni, shelacheni" (Lord, here am I; send me - Isaiah 6:8). Becoming a Ministry Servant at Ben David is a way to fulfill this mission of the Lord through the local congregation.

The process of becoming a Ministry Servant covers three areas:

  1. Doctrine - understand the basic teachings of, and about, the Messiah
  2. Lifestyle - live in accordance to these understandings
  3. Service - performing ministry consistent with the vision of the congregation


The steps to become a Ministry Servant are as follows:

  1. Maintain a faithful walk with the Lord.
  2. Attend the congregation regularly.
  3. Support the congregation financially as the Lord allows.
  4. Desire to become a Ministry Servant.
  5. Listen to the Messianic Coherence and Messianic Orientation Seminars (see the Seminars section under Resources tab for audio MP3's and pdf's handouts)
  6. Meet with one of the Elders to discuss any theological concerns and potential area(s) of ministry
  7. Become active in some area of ministry.

If you would like more information.

Download and review these 3 documents:

  1. Steps to become a Ministry Servant at Ben David - Page 1 of 9
  2. List of Core Beliefs (taken from the Messianic Fundamentals Classes) - Pages 2 thru 7
  3. List of Current Ministries with short descriptions - Pages 8 & 9


Weekly Scripture Reading

Shabbat Yitro
February 18 / Sh'vat 22, 5777


Parashah: Yitro — “Jethro"

— Torah:
Exodus 18:1 – 20:23

— Haftarah: Isaiah 6:1 — 7:6, 9:5-6

The apostles taught us that the Torah is about the Messiah, thus Torah is a tutor for us to come to know Him and His righteousness. Torah's commandments are teaching us how to live a godly life, to be equipped to enter in the good works that God prepared for us from the eternity past. Thus, even though we live in an era free of the fear of the punishment for not obeying all of these commandments, it is for our benefit to heed their teaching, because they are for our correction and for our training in righteousness. By obeying Torah we show God that we are sincere in our desire to make teshuvah, to repent of our sins...

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