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How many Jews were murdered in the Holocaust? How do we know? Do we have their names?

from the website of Yad Vashem - Jerusalem, Israel

There is no precise figure for the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust. The figure commonly used is the six million quoted by Adolf Eichmann, a senior SS official. Most research confirms that the number of victims was between five and six million. Early calculations range from 5.1 million (Professor Raul Hilberg) to 5.95 million (Jacob Leschinsky). More recent research, by Professor Yisrael Gutman and Dr. Robert Rozett in the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, estimates the Jewish losses at 5.59–5.86 million, and a study headed by Dr. Wolfgang Benz presents a range from 5.29 million to six million.

The main sources for these statistics are comparisons of prewar censuses with postwar censuses and population estimates. Nazi documentation containing partial data on various deportations and murders is also used. We estimate that Yad Vashem currently has somewhat more than four million names of victims that are accessible. This figure is based primarily on some two million Pages of Testimony, which often contain information about more than one Jew who perished in the Holocaust. As of early June 1999, more than 1.6 million Pages of Testimony have been computerized. In addition, we have thousands of documents containing names from the Holocaust era, many of which are those of victims. This body of documentation has yet to be fully researched and added to our computerized database. Eventually we hope, through our computerization project, to provide as much information as possible about each victim.

Because there are no hard and fast statistics for all the Jews murdered in countries under Nazi domination, and due to frequent border changes before, during, and after the war, it is difficult to enumerate the victims by country. The following information is taken from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, based on research at Yad Vashem. The Encyclopedia explains the figures presented here for each country.

Country Pre-war Jewish Population Minimum Loss Maximum Loss
Austria 185,000 50,000 50,000
Belgium 65,700 28,900 28,900
Bohemia and Moravia 118,310 78,150 78,150
Bulgaria 50,000 0 0
Denmark 7,800 60 60
Estonia 4,500 1,500 2,000
Finland 2,000 7 7
France 350,000 77,320 77,320
Germany 566,000 134,500 141,500
Greece 77,380 60,000 67,000
Hungary 825,000 550,000 569,000
Italy 44,500 7,680 7,680
Latvia 91,500 70,000 71,500
Lithuania 168,000 140,000 143,000
Luxembourg 3,500 1,950 1,950
Netherlands 140,000 100,000 100,000
Norway 1,700 762 762
Poland 3,300,000 2,900,000 3,000,000
Romania 609,000 271,000 287,000
Slovakia 88,950 68,000 71,000
Soviet Union 3,020,000 1,000,000 1,100,000
Yugoslavia 78,000 56,200 63,300
Total 9,796,840 5,596,029 5,860,129


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